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Our interface for connecting SAP© and MES (Manufacturing Execution System): WorkLine ConnectTM

Requirements for the connection
with SAP ECC 6.0 © and an MES result from the planning and control process:

  • Topicality: Changes in the planning and control process must be available at all levels.
  • Accuracy: Information content and structures must be coordinated and adapted.
  • Deviation Sensibility: Deviations in the data communication must be embedded in an escalation management.

Communication structure
Data transfer takes place via direct and indirect RFC connections. Decisive for the choice of ways are actuality requirements.

Communication channels
One and two-dimensional ways are distinguished. Data transfers from SAP © to MES and from MES to SAP © are considered one-dimensional. Two-dimensional communication paths are used in the change process and the functions of the availability check.

Information content
In addition to the order data transfer from SAP© to MES and the return notification of production results, all important data for the specific functional requirements is transmitted or exchanged. These include:

  • Adjustment of units of measure between planning and process level.
  • Transfer of optimizing parameters for set-up and order control.
  • Consideration of material availability information.
  • Specification of tool and accessory components for the process steps.

Functionally, all order steps are supported. In addition to the order creation and the feedback on the order completion, all order adjustments are covered, such as:

  • Quantity and date changes,
  • Change of resource allocation,
  • Order summary and order split

The consideration of increased or reduced consumption ensures that the MRP functionality integrated in SAP© can access current data and thus provide correct planning results.

A status concept is used to secure the planning and control process in SAP © and MES. All control and feedback steps carried out in the MES are embedded in a corresponding order status and thus registered in the SAP System ©.

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